A word that is meaningful to me during the process of .. is “concentration”. In this context the word has a double meaning to me: concentration as both an act of paying attention and of distilling things to their essence. By this, I mean observing my surroundings with a certain intensity and simultaneously trying to discover the essence of its many qualities and flaws. Qualities that often can be found in everyday objects and situations or flaws in our underlying societal structures by which we are unconsciously influenced are interesting to me.


In this process, aspects of ‘light’ and ‘darkness’ play an important role. It is my visualized search into the nature of both these concepts. Where do the two meet? What becomes visible and what remains hidden? At the same time, this visually translated search reflects a search I experience within myself. How can you be at peace with all aspects of one’s self; both dark and light ones? Can darkness and light co-exist without either one being superior to the other?