Sanding discs

I received these used sanding discs from my aunt. She’s sculptor and works a lot with stone. She uses these discs to mechanically sand stone. When I first saw the container with discs I immediately loved them. To me, they formed a collection of multiple small cosmoses. The fact that these cosmoses were created unintentionally, somehow charmed them and appealed greatly to me.


I asked her if I could use them for an assignment I was working on. Its main theme being: ‘alter ego’. My story was about a man who lived in nature, with a memory of just a few minutes. He lived by natural instincts and was insensitive to society's pressure or expectations due to his memory loss. This story is a representation of my own desire to be able to be free of this. On the photo you can see one unused disc (the man) surrounded by used discs (society). Despite my desire to be the man, the beauty actually lies in the used discs. Referring to how the pressure, provided that you choose to confront it and not avoid it, can also shape in a beautiful way.